10/10 Susan J. on 03/01/2020

"You guys are amazing. Loved my service"

10/10 Jen K. on 03/01/2020

"Please come to Cali.  This is great."

10/10 Penny H. on 02/29/2020

"When are you coming to Chicago?"

10/10 Astri P. on 02/28/2020 

"You changed my life."

10/10 Tiana J. on 02/27/2020

"Love this place!!!!"

10/10 Ester G. on 02/27/2020

"Everything was awesome!"

10/10 Jen L. on 02/27/2020 

"Wow, Thanks Aimee!"

10/10 Shelley C. on 2/23/2018

Great service from awesome staff. Definitely going back!

10/10 Sara L.. on 2/23/2018

10/10 Amanda W. on 3/02/2018

Amazing staff and an even more amazing experience. My skin is looking and feeling great after my sugaring and spray tan! Looking forward to coming back for all of their services!(:

10/10 Amelia M. on 3/01/2018

10/10 Judy F. on 2/28/2018

10/10 Melissa B. on 2/28/2018

Tarah is amazing.  Great customer service!!  I would never go anywhere else. 

10/10 Daniele K. on 2/27/2018

10/10 Darlene B. on 2/25/2018

10/10 Michele D. on 2/24/2018

10/10 Diane B. on 2/24/2018

10/10 Vianney C. on 2/23/2018

Great service from awesome staff. Definitely going back!

10/10 Sara L.. on 2/23/2018

I can never go back to regular waxing! Sugaring keeps me feeling soft and clean

10/10 Cheryl C. on 2/23/2018

10/10 Joey C. on 2/23/2018

10/10 Diane M. on 2/22/2018

10/10 Connie W. on 2/22/2018

10/10 Jessica L. on 2/22/2018

10/10 Lindsay S. on 2/22/2018

10/10 Jordan W. on 2/21/2018

10/10 Rachel S. on 2/20/2018

10/10  Elissa F. on 2/19/2018

10/10  Carol W. on 2/19/2018

Courtney was pleasant and did a great job!

10/10  Brittany M. on 2/19/2018

10/10  Joan L. on 2/18/2018

10/10  Tayler A. on 2/17/2018

10/10  Carolyn B. on 2/17/2018

From the moment I walked in i was greeted with a friendly smile from the lady at front desk. I filled out paperwork and then Courtney who was the staff member who I made the appointment with to do my eyebrows and chin and neck was so nice. she introduced herself with a friendly smile She did an awesome job and listened to keep my eyebrows thick. She was very friendly and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Courtney. I already booked my next appointment. The store is very clean and pretty.

10/10  Chris K. on 2/17/2018

10/10  Elizabeth M. on 2/16/2018

10/10  Madisen B. on 2/16/2018

10/10  Alysoun W. on 2/15/2018

10/10  Shelly V. on 2/13/2018

10/10  Whitney N. on 2/13/2018

10/10  Christina C. on 2/13/2018

10/10  Kip O. on 2/12/2018

Great fun time

10/10  Sara D. on 2/12/2018

 Danielle F. on 2/12/2018

 Addi S. on 2/12/2018

 Gabrielle S. on 2/11/2018

 Michelle C. on 2/11/2018

 Corissa W. on 2/9/2018

 Sam H. on 2/8/2018

 Jenny H. on 2/8/2018

 Stephanie L. on 2/7/2018

 David O. on 2/7/2018

 Robb T. on 2/6/2018

 Maya O. on 2/5/2018

Friendly, professional, and great service!

 Kelli A. on 2/5/2018

 Alex O. on 2/4/2018

 Alexis O. on 2/3/2018

They took time and care to make sure my tan was unique to my body and that i was comfortable every step of the way! Can't wait to go back! The tan looks perfect.

 Christina M. on 2/3/2018

 Carli S. on 2/2/2018

 Monica B. on 2/2/2018

 Angela S. on 2/2/2018

 Mckenna R. on 2/1/2018

 Megan L. on 2/1/2018

Seriously?! The girls at sugar sugar are THE BEST they make everyone feel welcome and are always accomudating. There commitment to service goes above and beyond and the reason I will be a customer for as long as they will have me. Thank you girls. Keep doing you.

 Karen W. on 2/1/2018

 Shawn O. on 1/31/2018

 Beth S. on 1/30/2018

 Katy B. on 1/30/2018

 Meredith M. on 1/30/2018

 Brianna S. on 1/30/2018

 Traci C. on 1/30/2018

I loved having my facial with Courtney! She was fantastic and I will be back for another! I am letting all of my friends know about Sugar Sugar! I even bought a gift card for my mom too@

 Francee S. on 1/29/2018

 Christin P. on 1/29/2018

 Mandy M. on 1/28/2018

 Cher L. on 1/28/2018

 Jessica F. on 1/27/2018

I love Sugar Sugar they are professional efficient affective ...and a stylish comfortable environment

 Megan A. on 1/27/2018

 Jessica G. on 1/25/2018

 Katherine D. on 1/25/2018

 Wes M. on 1/23/2018

 Kristen C. on 1/23/2018

 Ellie G. on 1/22/2018

 Ginny H. on 1/21/2018

 Kaylee B. on 1/21/2018

 Stephanie G. on 1/21/2018

 Kelly R. on 1/20/2018

My Brazilian waxes are always super quick and my aesthetician is very sweet, gentle, and thorough.

 Maria Veronica P. on 1/16/2018

Maria V. Wonderful Staff, Tarah is amazing, awesome experience every time!

 Anamaria S. on 1/15/2018

 Marianne S. on 1/14/2018

 Suzette T. on 1/14/2018

 Maiya C. on 1/12/2018

 Nancy T. on 1/11/2018

 Rylie P. on 1/10/2018

 Kim V. on 1/8/2018

 Vanessa A. on 1/8/2018

 Sadie L. on 1/6/2018

Love this location! Services are high quality, easy to make an appointment. Never have to wait and everyone is so friendly and happy.

 Samantha B. on 1/6/2018

Tarah is amazing and super professional, she is great at sugaring and makes you feel so comfortable. Her spray tans are wonderful as well! Services at Sugar Sugar are the best!!

 Chantelle B. on 1/5/2018

 Zach S. on 1/5/2018

 Samuel H. on 1/4/2018

 Carrie C. on 1/1/2018

 Morgan L. on 1/1/2018

 Tara B. on 12/31/2017

 Jennifer G. on 12/31/2017

 Kylie G. on 12/30/2017

 Lester N. on 12/29/2017

 Nahla P. on 12/28/2017

 Evanjalina M. on 12/28/2017

 Debbie M. on 12/24/2017

 Megan W. on 12/24/2017

 Courtney G. on 12/24/2017

It was my first time at Sugar Sugar and I had a wonderful experience! I decided to get an organic spray tan before the holidays to give myself a little color and I was very happy with my results! My esthetician’s name was Courtney (what a coincidence right?) and she was awesome. She was very professional and easy to talk to which made my spray tan experience so much better (its hard to get nude for a complete stranger). My tan came out very natural looking and I am so pleased (I also didn’t have to break the bank to do so). The front desk was also efficient and friendly. I will be coming back again! Thanks Sugar Sugar!:)

 Georgia S. on 12/24/2017

 Julianna L. on 12/24/2017

I love your salon! The staff is so warm and inviting. You never feel uncomfortable because they are very professional and work at making you feel relaxed. Sugaring is ten times better than waxing and much less abusive to the skin. They are very conscious about using natural products on the skin, as well as, chemical free detergents on their sheets and towels!👌🏼

 Lance D. on 12/23/2017

 Vermillion L. on 12/23/2017

 Jaydn H. on 12/21/2017

 Jenny B. on 12/20/2017

 Lindsay H. on 12/19/2017

 Mary Anne K. on 12/17/2017

 Jaclyn F. on 12/17/2017

Love Sugar Sugar and Tarah! She is personable, quick and doesn’t miss a spot when doing a spray tan. I recommend her to everyone!

 Jill W. on 12/17/2017

 Jeremy J. on 12/16/2017

 Sofia T. on 12/16/2017

Tera was awesome! I love coming here because all the girls are so nice and friendly.

 Taylor N. on 12/16/2017

I was welcomed right away and the room was already ready. It was a friendly and very brief visit which was great because I had so many errands that day! I feel refreshed and confident with my tan, perfect for holiday party season! I will be back again for New Years!

 Jenny M. on 12/14/2017

 Debby A. on 12/11/2017

 Sherry B. on 12/8/2017

 Gabriella D. on 12/7/2017

 Beth G. on 12/7/2017

 Thomas M. on 12/6/2017

 Riley S. on 12/4/2017

 Kelly K. on 12/3/2017

 Pat A. on 12/2/2017

My aesthetician was great! She explained what she was going to do, did it, painlessly and efficiently. She was friendly, concerned with pleasing me. I will definitely come back to Sugarsugar.

 Jane W. on 12/2/2017

 Stasha B. on 11/29/2017

 Tori B. on 11/29/2017

 Mark C. on 11/29/2017

 Angie C. on 11/28/2017

 Julie N. on 11/28/2017

 Allyson C. on 11/27/2017


 Jordan H. on 11/27/2017

 Laura R. on 11/26/2017

 Jolene M. on 11/23/2017

 Kenneth M. on 11/23/2017

 Krystle N. on 11/23/2017

 Paul M. on 11/22/2017

 Amber S. on 11/22/2017

 Rachel S. on 11/21/2017

 Megan B. on 11/21/2017

 Nice M. on 11/21/2017

 Kim B. on 11/20/2017

 Carla L. on 11/20/2017

 Stephanie P. on 11/20/2017

Brandi was awesome! I definitely am ditching the waxing and only getting sugared from now on! Thanks Brandi!

 Stefanie C. on 11/19/2017

 Andrea M. on 11/19/2017

 Lana N. on 11/19/2017

 Nicole C. on 11/19/2017

Always professional! Love the organic offerings!

 Joanne R. on 11/19/2017

Tarah is wonderful - - - fun to visit and she does such a nice job - - - love her ! ! !

 DeAna M. on 11/18/2017

 Dianne F. on 11/18/2017

You guys are the best. Would not go anywhere else.

 Elizabeth T. on 11/18/2017

 Nichole G. on 11/18/2017

 Emma P. on 11/16/2017

 Taylor R. on 11/15/2017

This was my first time visiting Sugar Sugar and it will not be my last!! I had an amazing experience with Brandi! She was wonderful and made me feel relaxed and comfortable! I am a seasoned waxer and laser hair remover. Sugaring was by far a better experience. Both in pain and in quality. Thanks for the great first time! You have made a customer for life!

 Kim F. on 11/15/2017

 Gabriela A. on 11/14/2017

 Wendy S. on 11/13/2017

 Barbara D. on 11/12/2017

 Connie W. on 11/11/2017

I am so glad I tried Sugar Sugar! My first experience was terrific. I will never go back to waxing. The staff at Sugar Sugar were great and met my concerns with excellence.

 Irene M. on 11/11/2017

 Morgan S. on 11/11/2017

 Christina C. on 11/11/2017

 Elma B. on 11/11/2017

 Krystle M. on 11/10/2017

 Joan L. on 11/10/2017

 Linda K. on 11/7/2017

 Sylvia M. on 11/5/2017

 Carolyn S. on 11/5/2017

 Danielle K. on 11/4/2017

I have been visiting Sugar Sugar for over 2 years since my first ‘sugaring’ at the women’s expo. I started with my brows and moved on to a Brazilian. I highly recommend Sugar Sugar!

 Melissa S. on 11/4/2017

 Christina M. on 11/4/2017

 Nanette J. on 11/4/2017

 Janet H. on 11/4/2017

Tara is the best! She went above and beyond to fit in a beautiful tan for me even though I showed up late for my appointment and she was booked! Customer service and the quality of the services are exceptional!

 Crystal P. on 11/3/2017

 Madison S. on 10/31/2017

 Heather B. on 10/31/2017

 Nicole G. on 10/29/2017

 Patricia K. on 10/28/2017

 Sabrina O. on 10/28/2017

 Karen D. on 10/28/2017

 Megan F. on 10/26/2017

Tarah is amazing and my first experience was way better than I ever expected!

 Robb T. on 10/26/2017

 Stella S. on 10/26/2017

 Mary K. on 10/26/2017

 Suzie G. on 10/25/2017

 Kayla C. on 10/24/2017

 Nemat E. on 10/23/2017

 MaiAnh N. on 10/23/2017

Great experience , good service and my brows look amazing ! Thank you

 Yvette W. on 10/23/2017

 Bree L. on 10/23/2017

 Cheryl C. on 10/22/2017

 Kelly R. on 10/21/2017

 Rebeca H. on 10/21/2017

 Rose S. on 10/20/2017

 Jenny H. on 10/18/2017

 David H. on 10/17/2017

 Dawn B. on 10/17/2017

 Todd L. on 10/17/2017

 Jill T. on 10/17/2017

 Sara M. on 10/14/2017

 Brianna S. on 10/13/2017

 Elle H. on 10/12/2017

 Liz M. on 10/12/2017

 Gabrielle S. on 10/11/2017

 Scherri R. on 10/11/2017

 Alysoun W. on 10/11/2017

 Jane L. on 10/11/2017

 Maya O. on 10/10/2017

 Katy B. on 10/10/2017

 Alisa N. on 10/10/2017

 Nicole R. on 10/9/2017

 Charlie R. on 10/7/2017

 Tamara P. on 10/7/2017

 Chelsea M. on 10/7/2017

 Ashley T. on 10/6/2017

 Kim V. on 10/6/2017

 Kathy V. on 10/6/2017

Tara’s the best!

 Kristin M. on 10/5/2017

 Erin F. on 10/5/2017

 Jill G. on 10/5/2017

 Cheryl G. on 10/4/2017

 Nissa M. on 10/4/2017

 Dana F. on 10/3/2017

 Annette H. on 10/2/2017

 Lauren M. on 10/2/2017

 Lindsay B. on 10/1/2017

This was my first time getting microdermabrasion and I couldn't be happier with my results. My skin feels so fresh and rejuvenated, it feels amazing!

 Miranda H. on 9/30/2017

 Shelbi L. on 9/30/2017

 Rebecca G. on 9/29/2017

I will definitely come back again!

 Cassie K. on 9/29/2017

 Tina Y. on 9/28/2017

 Britney G. on 9/27/2017

 Lexie A. on 9/27/2017

 Carole S. on 9/27/2017

I have used Sugar Sugar on several occasions for various sugaring of legs and lashes. The facility is always immaculate and the sugaring is the best in the valley. It sure beats waxing!

 Janet K. on 9/26/2017

 Jennifer G. on 9/26/2017

This is the best sugaring place I’ve been too - I’ve been sugaring for 10+ years and even San Francisco didn’t have as great as sugarists as Sugar Sugar in AZ!

 Taylor T. on 9/25/2017

 Corina Y. on 9/25/2017

 Laurel E. on 9/25/2017

 Tia B. on 9/24/2017

 CHERYL G. on 9/24/2017

 Heidi M. on 9/22/2017

 Merita B. on 9/21/2017

 Amanda G. on 9/21/2017

 Sienna S. on 9/20/2017

 Kristin P. on 9/19/2017

 Kim C. on 9/19/2017

 Rylie P. on 9/19/2017

 Wes M. on 9/17/2017

 Jamie W. on 9/17/2017

 Victoria H. on 9/17/2017

 Shay R. on 9/16/2017

 Jenny B. on 9/16/2017

 Nancy C. on 9/16/2017

 Diane M. on 9/16/2017

I love the more natural benefits of sugaring to clean and shape my eyebrows and address my facial peach fuzz!

 Marilyn F. on 9/15/2017

 Whitney L. on 9/15/2017

I've been going to sugar sugar for 3 years now! And they don't get sweeter then Delcy! The owner is always there when I go and very friendly! Always say yes to chocolate and water at the end!

 Shelly V. on 9/15/2017

 suzanne J. on 9/14/2017

 Brittany N. on 9/13/2017

 Amy B. on 9/13/2017

 Julie X. on 9/12/2017

A perfect experience and I will definitely be back!

 Jennifer D. on 9/12/2017

 Beth S. on 9/11/2017

 Angie C. on 9/10/2017

 Amanda A. on 9/9/2017

Always great!

 Austin T. on 9/9/2017

 Ashley W. on 9/8/2017

Great service and very relaxing!

 Jazmin H. on 9/8/2017

 Stefanie D. on 9/7/2017

 Paola L. on 9/6/2017

 Donna C. on 9/4/2017

 Anna R. on 9/3/2017

 Lisa S. on 9/3/2017

What a gem of a surprise -- great service, quality, and trained estheticians. Very happy and highly recommend. All natural too :)

 Christie T. on 9/2/2017

 Kelsey W. on 8/31/2017

 Chris K. on 8/29/2017

Tarah is awesome she takes such great care of you and makes sure you are always happy with your service

 Kristin S. on 8/29/2017

 Sofia T. on 8/28/2017

 Allyson C. on 8/28/2017

 Ches P. on 8/27/2017

 Stephanie L. on 8/27/2017


 Lauren F. on 8/27/2017

 Heidi S. on 8/24/2017

 Maiya C. on 8/24/2017

 Alison E. on 8/24/2017

 Valerie Y. on 8/21/2017

 Jill W. on 8/21/2017

 Kim E. on 8/21/2017

 Nichole G. on 8/18/2017

 Vermillion L. on 8/17/2017

Always feel special & confident

 Josh S. on 8/17/2017

 Meredith M. on 8/17/2017

 Kylie G. on 8/17/2017

Tarah is awesome and so professional. She makes sure you're comfortable and loves to learn as much about her clients as possible!

 Stacie A. on 8/16/2017

 Madeline A. on 8/16/2017

 Aubry T. on 8/14/2017

 Jan D. on 8/14/2017

 Amelia B. on 8/12/2017

 Christin P. on 8/11/2017

 Kerri F. on 8/10/2017

 Aleah S. on 8/10/2017

Everyone at Sugar Sugar is so friendly. They always make me feel comfortable, even during more awkward appointments ;) They listen and pay attention to what you need and how you're feeling. They always make sure you leave happy. I would highly recommend them for any of your sugaring needs!!

 Marilyn H. on 8/10/2017

 Alicia S. on 8/9/2017

 Madeliene B. on 8/9/2017

 Courtney C. on 8/9/2017

Krissy was AWESOME! I was in Scottsdale visiting my family and needed it done. I swear by sugaring over waxing... especially for a Brazilian. Sugar Sugar got mein for the next available appointment one afternoon which worked out great. The service was wonderful and the gals were so friendly. I'm sad it will be awhilebefore I come back...and even more bummed we don't have a place like this where I live... but I definitely know where I'm going next time I'm here! Thank you,Sugar Sugar!

 Alexa W. on 8/9/2017

 Deborah M. on 8/9/2017

 Cashe J. on 8/8/2017

 Faith T. on 8/7/2017

 Ginger D. on 8/6/2017

 Sarah T. on 8/6/2017

 Sherry B. on 8/5/2017

Sugar sugar. Polite, professional and the personnel make the experience as comfortable as can be. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone looking for hair removal or tanning services.

 Jordan W. on 8/5/2017

Took my 12 year old daughter for her first ever eyebrow hair removal. I was hesitant to try sugaring as opposed to waxing but am so glad I did! The experience was wonderful start to finish! Great reception - very welcoming; great environment- very inviting; great aesthetician- explained everything well and had a great rapport with my daughter. It was totally painless and her brows look great! Next time I'll book appointments for both of us!

 Scott F. on 8/4/2017

 Crystal P. on 8/4/2017

 Jacky N. on 8/3/2017

Tarah is phenomenal!!!

 Kelsey E. on 8/2/2017

Delcy was amazing and the owner is super sweet! Their place of business is very well kept and has a great esthetic. 10/10 would recommend!

 Kelly R. on 8/2/2017

 Jeanne G. on 8/2/2017

 Megan H. on 7/31/2017

 Christina M. on 7/31/2017

 Nicole G. on 7/30/2017

I first went to Sugar Sugar when I first moved to Arizona while trying to find a waxing place. After my first visit I was hooked by the staff and by the process. I will never go back to "waxing" ever again. And I have only go to Sugar Sugar for the past 3 years and have no intention of going anywhere else.

 Liliana L. on 7/30/2017

I liked Amy, it was my first time sugaring and it was definitely less painful than waxing it was a great experience and I plan to do it again.

 Dianne F. on 7/30/2017

Best experience I ever had in hair removal.

 Joyce D. on 7/30/2017

 Michelle L. on 7/30/2017

Tarah was amazing! Made me feel really comfortable and did a great job. I will be back!

 Heather O. on 7/30/2017

Sugaring has worked very well for me whereas traditional waxing has left me with ingrown hairs, pain, itching, and redness. Sugaring is so much better. Sugar Sugar is a very trustworthy business. Everyone is very positive and friendly there. Everything is clean , and check in and checkout are very quick.

 Nancy E. on 7/29/2017

 Cher L. on 7/27/2017

 Bernadette C. on 7/26/2017

 Jesse S. on 7/26/2017

The sugar was easy and painless. Very friendly, and great conversation, which was important for me as a first timer!

 Megan S. on 7/25/2017

 Katherine D. on 7/25/2017

 Kayla C. on 7/25/2017

I love coming here! The staff is excellent at what they do and always make sure I am taken care of. Amy is amazing and has given me the quickest and least painful Brazilian ever. Definitely recommend this place and her!

 Amber B. on 7/23/2017

 Cheryl C. on 7/23/2017

 Haley D. on 7/23/2017

 Patty F. on 7/21/2017

 Sam H. on 7/20/2017

 Stacey Z. on 7/20/2017

 Briana L. on 7/20/2017

 Dominique F. on 7/20/2017

 Gia S. on 7/20/2017

 Tyler P. on 7/19/2017

 Todd L. on 7/18/2017

 Susan R. on 7/17/2017

 Jessica F. on 7/16/2017

 Phone C. on 7/13/2017

 Meredith H. on 7/12/2017

 Lorin B. on 7/10/2017

Amy has been my esthetician for about 6 months now and she has been absolutely amazing along with the rest of the staff at Sugar Sugar. I've been coming here for over a year and won't go anywhere else. They make you feel at home and we'll taken care of.

 Brittney C. on 7/10/2017

 Carolyn N. on 7/7/2017

 Sherry L. on 7/7/2017

 Dana B. on 7/6/2017

 Heather B. on 7/5/2017

Had sugaring done to the face and I usually break out an am red for hours after a wax. I was not red and had no breakout with sugaring. Also had a full set of lashes and am very happy with the fuller look!

 Janet H. on 7/2/2017

 Susie A. on 7/2/2017

 Linda K. on 7/2/2017

 Emily D. on 6/30/2017

 Jenny J. on 6/30/2017

 Cassandra R. on 6/30/2017

 Katy B. on 6/28/2017

 Michele B. on 6/27/2017

 Patricia K. on 6/27/2017

 Nanette J. on 6/25/2017

 Jennifer G. on 6/25/2017

 Jennifer G. on 6/24/2017

 Rebecca V. on 6/23/2017

 Miranda H. on 6/23/2017

 Madison J. on 6/21/2017

Very good customer service! And I didn't feel uncomfortable at all while getting my tan!

 Brei M. on 6/21/2017

 Stephanie M. on 6/21/2017

 Jamie P. on 6/18/2017

Always Great service friendly staff!

 Kelly R. on 6/17/2017

 Christine H. on 6/16/2017

 Jalia P. on 6/16/2017

I was pleasantly surprised. This was my first experience ever being sugared. Tarah was awesome she walked me through the entire process she even talked to me throughout the entire time to make sure that I was focused on our conversation. I've booked my appointment to return.

 Shawn O. on 6/14/2017

 Brittany N. on 6/13/2017

 Stefanie C. on 6/12/2017

 Sona S. on 6/11/2017

 Courtney P. on 6/11/2017

My first experience at Sugar Sugar was awesome! Amber was super sweet and my spray tan came out amazing! I would highly recommend Sugar Sugar to anyone looking for a very natural looking tan.

 Ali M. on 6/10/2017

 Jacky R. on 6/9/2017

 Paul M. on 6/9/2017

 Alysoun W. on 6/9/2017

 Danielle K. on 6/9/2017

 Diane M. on 6/9/2017

 Jacqueline M. on 6/8/2017

 Jessica T. on 6/8/2017

Everyone is super friendly here! I'm officially obsessed with Sugaring! Loving it!

 Shelly V. on 6/7/2017

The girls at sugar sugar are great! I love terah, she is the best!

 Jenny B. on 6/6/2017

 Judi K. on 6/5/2017

i trying to get ready to go out of town. i dont have time now.

 Pam C. on 6/4/2017

 Ciara M. on 6/3/2017

Best business in the city for sugaring! Amber has me hooked and now I can't return to regular waxing. Great results every time!

 Lynn M. on 6/2/2017

 Rachel T. on 6/2/2017

 Stefanie D. on 6/1/2017

 Anna M. on 5/30/2017

 Jordan H. on 5/30/2017

 David B. on 5/28/2017

 Janell R. on 5/28/2017

 Tricia W. on 5/28/2017

 Chris K. on 5/27/2017

 Sarah L. on 5/27/2017

 Georgia S. on 5/27/2017

I go here to get my Brazilian and this is by far the most painless method of hair removal!! Amy in particular has given me the most painless and quick sugar waxes I have ever experienced. Thank you Sugar Sugar :)

 Alyson L. on 5/26/2017

The salon is super cute when you walk inside. And when you go up to the front desk the front girls are so nice and friendly, even offered me a some water. I had my sugaring appointment with Delcy and she was an absolute joy! She never once made me feel uncomfortable and even made me laugh so hard that I didn't even pay attention to the stinging of removing hair. I definitely will be a lifetime client with her!

 Amber C. on 5/26/2017

 Malana T. on 5/26/2017

I had the Mother's Day Special that included a brow shaping a micro deem and a spray in tan for $99. It was a great deal. Darcy was very professional and friendly and I would definitely return to try some of their other services.

 Carly W. on 5/25/2017

 Kim F. on 5/25/2017

 Genna A M. on 5/24/2017

 Stacy L. on 5/24/2017

 Jessica A. on 5/24/2017

This is a great place. Everyone is so nice and welcoming. Amy is the best!

 Kelli A. on 5/23/2017

 Macy M. on 5/23/2017

 Rosie R. on 5/22/2017

 Joelle B. on 5/21/2017

Great experience! Very nice staff.

 Jazmin H. on 5/20/2017

 Chelsey P. on 5/19/2017

 Joey C. on 5/19/2017

 David C. on 5/18/2017

Tara is awesome!

 Tamara P. on 5/17/2017

 Barbara D. on 5/16/2017

 Kristin S. on 5/16/2017

I have been going to Sugar Sugar for the past year. My Brazilian lasts much longer than normal wax and less uncomfortable. Tara is awesome and

 Natalie T. on 5/15/2017

 Eva K. on 5/15/2017

 Andrea M. on 5/14/2017

 Sheena D. on 5/14/2017

 David N. on 5/12/2017

 judy F. on 5/12/2017

The employees' service and attitudes were exceptional! I really felt special as well as receiving good information and education. The services provided were also remarkable.

 May C. on 5/10/2017

 Atziry R. on 5/8/2017

 Kerri F. on 5/8/2017

 Mary M. on 5/8/2017

 Barbara F. on 5/7/2017

 Sara J. on 5/6/2017

 Meredith R. on 5/6/2017

 Kylie G. on 5/6/2017

Tarah is awesome! The entire staff is personable and always excited to get new customers and see returning customers. Every experience is wonderful!

 Hope L. on 5/5/2017

Every one is so friendly!

 Jennifer K. on 5/4/2017

 Carole S. on 5/3/2017

Great experience with Amber. She did a wonderful job sugaring my legs and bikini, without too much pain. She was very efficient. I will be back!

 Laurel B. on 5/3/2017

 Melissa B. on 5/3/2017

 Yvette W. on 5/3/2017

 Jenifer M. on 5/3/2017

 David H. on 5/3/2017

 Kathleen M. on 5/3/2017

 Tricia B. on 5/2/2017

 Charity M. on 4/29/2017

 Lena G. on 4/28/2017

I have never even heard of Sugaring, and so I decided to try it! I had Pria, and she made me feel so comfortable and walked me through it! She was just super fun and great! I'm almost mad at myself that I've been waxing for so long! Hardly any pain, and I just absolutely loved my results! I already scheduled my next two appointments and I just can't wait! Everyone was friendly and would 100% recommend everyone to try sugaring!

 Elle H. on 4/27/2017

 Bernadette C. on 4/26/2017

Very professional technicians in a relaxing environment.

 Brandy L. on 4/26/2017

 Jessica G. on 4/25/2017

 Kathy B. on 4/25/2017

 Jacky N. on 4/25/2017

 Laura M. on 4/25/2017

 Domineek S. on 4/25/2017

 Heather O. on 4/24/2017

 Sue F. on 4/24/2017

Sugar, sugar express tan is amazing. I was very impressed with the end result and I got a lot of compliments ❤️

 Justin B. on 4/24/2017

 Vicki B. on 4/24/2017

 Lauren F. on 4/24/2017

 Shelly F. on 4/23/2017

 Cheryl C. on 4/22/2017

 Marilyn H. on 4/22/2017

 Mary K. on 4/22/2017

 Josephine V. on 4/22/2017

I was in AZ for a niece's wedding. As part of pre-wedding family girl time, my niece (the bride to be) had book this fun beautifying event for a very small group (the bride to be, her mom/my sister, myself (her aunt) and her favorite cousin (another one of my very hip and energetic niece's) to bring us together and initiate creating amazing wedding memories.

 Brittany F. on 4/21/2017

 Patty F. on 4/21/2017

 Jamie B. on 4/21/2017

"Tara and Amy are so great at the spray tan, for years I've been provided with the best service but most of all the best spray tan! I always get compliments on my color and feel my best after a tan! I highly recommend it to everyone-especially all skin tones!"

 Nancy T. on 4/21/2017

 Paula D. on 4/20/2017

 Janet M. on 4/20/2017

All staff very friendly. Amber was super sweet

 Pamela A. on 4/20/2017

 Alex R. on 4/20/2017

 Michelle P. on 4/19/2017

Sugar sugar provides the cleanest smoothest finish -- my skin feels like a baby's butt.

 Dionica G. on 4/18/2017

Girls are very friendly. They make my daughter and I feel very welcomed every time we are there.

 Sara F. on 4/18/2017

 Bill B. on 4/16/2017

 Steve P. on 4/15/2017

 Megan L. on 4/15/2017

 Sara U. on 4/15/2017

 Elizabeth T. on 4/14/2017

 Joanne R. on 4/14/2017

Tarah is super. Does a wonderful job and is so friendly!

 Linda O. on 4/14/2017

 Tiffany P. on 4/14/2017

 Shay R. on 4/13/2017

 Caroline P. on 4/12/2017

 Julie N. on 4/12/2017

 Nicole T. on 4/12/2017

Tara, is always awesome and friendly while being super professional. She makes it easy and comfortable. A+ all around

 Lia P. on 4/11/2017

 Jennifer R. on 4/11/2017

 Lenore B. on 4/11/2017

Love Sugar Sugar so much better than hot wax ! All the technicians are great !

 Adrienne G. on 4/10/2017

 Nancy C. on 4/9/2017

 Grace G. on 4/9/2017

 Lena P. on 4/9/2017

 madison J. on 4/8/2017

 Sarah G. on 4/8/2017

 Sherry B. on 4/8/2017

 Nicki N. on 4/8/2017

 Kelly W. on 4/8/2017

 Staci F. on 4/6/2017

 Stacey Z. on 4/6/2017

 Jen G. on 4/6/2017

 Marla R. on 4/5/2017

 Christie T. on 4/5/2017

 Kim B. on 4/3/2017

 Stephanie H. on 4/2/2017

 Maya O. on 4/2/2017

 Valerie Y. on 4/2/2017

 Amy E. on 4/2/2017

Loved sugar!!!

 Kristen L. on 4/2/2017

I think Sugar Sugar is great because it is friendly and they really know their job! Amber always checks with me before and after I get my lash extensions to make sure everything is fine and I am pleased. That really means a lot to me. You can tell she takes a lot of pride in her work!

 Meredith H. on 4/2/2017

 Angela O. on 3/29/2017

Always a great experience. Love the packages you run!

 Aubry T. on 3/26/2017

 Abby M. on 3/25/2017

 Jennifer F. on 3/24/2017

 Sandra C. on 3/23/2017

 Vanessa P. on 3/23/2017

 Camilla T. on 3/23/2017

 Emily C. on 3/22/2017

 Magdalin L. on 3/22/2017

 Jenny J. on 3/21/2017

 Aubree J. on 3/18/2017

 Theresa M. on 3/18/2017

 Rebecca W. on 3/18/2017

 Aleia L. on 3/18/2017

 Anna R. on 3/18/2017

 Cassandra R. on 3/17/2017

 Jen L. on 3/17/2017

Sugar Sugar is great! The vitamin c facial is phenomenal and Amy is awesome! The spray tan Amy did was flawless and I absolutely love it. I wouldn't go anywhere else and highly recommend Sugar Sugar

 Riley B. on 3/17/2017

Sugar sugar was a completely different experience! I loved the accommodations and the friends staff! Would definitely recommend and return!

 Emily Q. on 3/15/2017

 Cashe J. on 3/15/2017

 Melissa Z. on 3/15/2017

 Ashley A. on 3/14/2017

Not at all

 Sheila V. on 3/14/2017

 Ana V. on 3/14/2017

From the beginning all the Staff at Sugar Sugar has been wonderful! They truly make you feel at home. Tarah and Amber are awesome and all the front desk ladies are the sweetest. I am always recommending all Sugar Sugar services to my friends and family. Worth the drive every time 💕

 Chad B. on 3/13/2017


 Cammy W. on 3/12/2017

 Pilar R. on 3/12/2017

 Dana M. on 3/11/2017

 Patricia K. on 3/10/2017

 Anjali S. on 3/10/2017

 April R. on 3/10/2017

Aimee runs an amazing business and Terah is the bomb! I always feel like I'm their most valued customer. Love my sugar sugar girls!

 Chelsea M. on 3/10/2017

I always have the most pleasant experience at Sugar Sugar and I love their amazing, organic products. The staff is so friendly and knowledgeable, I always know I am in good hands!

 Katherine D. on 3/9/2017

 Jaymi A. on 3/8/2017

 Todd L. on 3/8/2017

 Natasha B. on 3/8/2017

 Kim N. on 3/7/2017

 Jenna B. on 3/6/2017

 Dorina B. on 3/6/2017

 Becky F. on 3/5/2017

 Natalie M. on 3/4/2017

 Sherry D. on 3/3/2017

 Duane C. on 3/2/2017

 Arlene M. on 3/2/2017

Friendly welcome greeting by front desk and technician followed by prompt professional friendly service (brows) by technician. GREAT!!

 Nicole C. on 3/1/2017

 Jennifer G. on 3/1/2017

 Sarahi R. on 2/28/2017

 Sara W. on 2/27/2017

 Michele B. on 2/27/2017

Starting with the front desk staff I was greeted warmly and all my questions answered. Amy, my aesthetician was amazing. Took the time to find out about my normal regimen and then explained the difference of sugaring vs waxing. She was thorough in her work and very friendly throughout the service. I'd definitely recommend Amy and will absolutely be going back!

 Taylor H. on 2/26/2017

 Serena N. on 2/26/2017

 Stefanie C. on 2/26/2017

 Patricia S. on 2/25/2017

 Amber G. on 2/23/2017

 Tori B. on 2/23/2017

 Safaa A. on 2/22/2017

 Erin K. on 2/21/2017

 Andrea C. on 2/21/2017

 Shawn O. on 2/21/2017

 Diana R. on 2/21/2017

Great experience, excellent service! My previous visit was 2 years ago and they still sold the same wonderful skincare products & the best part about this experience was that the same 2 friendly faces were still there to assist me. Thank you Sugar Sugar!

 Kelli A. on 2/21/2017

 Rachel T. on 2/19/2017

 Paul M. on 2/16/2017

 Karen J. on 2/16/2017

 Tara C. on 2/15/2017

 Lauren M. on 2/15/2017

 Shelly V. on 2/15/2017

 Nice M. on 2/15/2017

 DeAna M. on 2/14/2017

 Kristen B. on 2/14/2017

I have been going to Sugar Sugar as a loyal client for almost 2 years now. The customer service is top-notch! Very friendly staff and always willing to answerany questions without hurrying you out the door! Best part is after every appointment you are given chocolate!

 Melissa S. on 2/13/2017

 Lisa B. on 2/13/2017

 Cassidy S. on 2/13/2017

 Louise F. on 2/13/2017

 Mary Anne K. on 2/12/2017

 Andrea M. on 2/12/2017

 Lisa G. on 2/12/2017

 Barbara D. on 2/11/2017

 Kim C. on 2/11/2017

 Alison E. on 2/10/2017

 Haley W. on 2/10/2017

Lindsay was awesome! We both pulled so it wasn't nearly as painful as I thought it would be (it was my first time), we laughed, and it was a lot of fun despite hairs being ripped from my netherregion. Coming back soon!

 Lori M. on 2/9/2017

 Haley N. on 2/7/2017

 Melissa D. on 2/7/2017

 Eva K. on 2/6/2017

 Alexis Y. on 2/5/2017

 Kristi A. on 2/4/2017

 Raquelle M. on 2/4/2017

I have been going to Sugar Sugar for over 2 years and every time I go, the service is amazing. Such friendly staff and I have never walked out unhappy!

 Jessica F. on 2/4/2017

 April B. on 2/4/2017

Amazing service!!! Helped be out in a bind while visiting from TX.

 Megan M. on 2/4/2017

I've always had bad reactions to waxing, that were painful and the effects lasted for months. After my first time sugaring there was minimal redness and zero pain or reaction. The staff was friendly and easy to work with. Another plus, waxing has never left me so smooth, great experience.@

 Kristin S. on 2/2/2017

 Jazmin H. on 2/1/2017

 Latezia F. on 2/1/2017

 Joey C. on 2/1/2017

 Brittany N. on 2/1/2017

 Jenny H. on 1/31/2017

 Cassidy C. on 1/30/2017

 Amanda A. on 1/28/2017

 Sarita C. on 1/28/2017

It was amazing! I was beyond impressed by how much more comfortable sugaring was than waxing! The girls there are so relatable and really make you feel comfortable!

 Kelly R. on 1/28/2017

 kamilya L. on 1/27/2017

Great service! Amazing tan! It's a really nice color, it doesn't stain when you first spray it on, and it last a long time without turning orange or flaking! I love it! Happy customer!

 Sarah L. on 1/27/2017

 Amal H. on 1/25/2017

 Heidi M. on 1/25/2017

 Hope L. on 1/24/2017

 Janet C. on 1/24/2017

Tara is fantastic! Obviously you can't avoid pain pulling hair out, but Tara works to minimize it as much as possible, and that is greatly appreciated. Though I also notice it's lessened the more frequent I go. I also have minimal re-growth, and have yet to experience any ingrown hairs since she advised exfoliating, which is super nice!! Prices are reasonable and service is always pleasant and with smiles. I highly recommend Sugar Sugar to anyone looking for a great hair removal place!!

 Lora L. on 1/23/2017

 Jessica K. on 1/22/2017

 Samantha B. on 1/21/2017

 Jared H. on 1/21/2017

 Antonina Y. on 1/21/2017

Amazing experience, no pain, and fast!:)

 Cher L. on 1/20/2017

Sugar sugar is the best gift I give myself on a regular basis. Amy and her staff (Tarah) are amazing and provide top notch customer service every single time start to finish. ❤❤❤ them!

 Vicky P. on 1/20/2017

Personal caring service! Go Sugar Sugar!

 Emma S. on 1/15/2017

I've been waxed many time and was unsatisfied with the amount of broken hairs left behind.. Amber at Sugar Sugar did my first Brazilian sugaring and I loved the results!! Smooth as can be! Very clean salon, very nice and helpful staff and will definitely be sugaring rather then waxing from now on!

 Mary M. on 1/14/2017

 Cheryl C. on 1/14/2017

 Rosalyn A. on 1/14/2017

 Kathy B. on 1/14/2017

 Elle H. on 1/14/2017

 Danielle K. on 1/14/2017

I have been a client for about a year and a half. The entire staff is knowledgeable, courteous and pleasant. Tarah is great!

 Rebecca V. on 1/14/2017

 Jakindee K. on 1/14/2017

 Karena W. on 1/14/2017

 Breanna H. on 1/12/2017

 Robb T. on 1/12/2017

 David N. on 1/11/2017

My wife and I have been going to Sugar Sugar for some time now and always get first class treatment both in terms of the service provided and customer experience. It's the way a business should run

 Catherine H. on 1/11/2017

 Lori K. on 1/8/2017

 Joanne R. on 1/8/2017

Tara is a sweetheart and very conscientious. Friendly place!

 Kamille D. on 1/7/2017

 Kristine G. on 1/7/2017

 Diane M. on 1/4/2017

 Calynn T. on 1/4/2017

I was referred by a friend who had the same service done. I saw Amber to remove my remaining lash extensions (done somewhere else) and she was wonderful! Super outgoing, like we were old friends... And we just met! She had them off in less then 15 min. We chatted the whole time! The store was clean and inviting. Everyone was friendly and very welcoming and professional. I'll definitely be back again for another service. Thx! Calynn Thacker

 Erin H. on 1/3/2017

Want a "sweet" experience in making yourself more gorgeous?! Try Sugar Sugar in Scottsdale! I needed a full set of eyelash extensions and Amber delivered. She went above and beyond to make me feel like royalty during my appointment. She was quick and did a beautiful job.

 Domineek S. on 1/1/2017

 Juliana T. on 1/1/2017

 Elizabeth T. on 12/30/2016

 Julia L. on 12/30/2016

 Maiya C. on 12/29/2016

 Kristin P. on 12/29/2016

 Christie T. on 12/28/2016

 Shay R. on 12/28/2016

 Natalie G. on 12/28/2016

 Cina S. on 12/27/2016

 Sherry B. on 12/27/2016

 Alejandra V. on 12/27/2016

 Maia M. on 12/24/2016

 Haley M. on 12/23/2016

 Cindy D. on 12/23/2016

I have never had a bad experience at Sugar Sugar and highly recommend them to all my friends! Tara is extremely professional and the best!!

 Stacey Z. on 12/22/2016

 Jaclyn B. on 12/22/2016

 Tara B. on 12/22/2016

 Jenny B. on 12/22/2016

Sugar Sugar is the best! Everyone so nice and always great service!

 Katie C. on 12/22/2016

 Susan Q. on 12/21/2016

 McKenzie J. on 12/21/2016

I loved my appointment with Sugar Sugar! My face feels amazing and I can't wait to go back again!!!!!

 Caroline P. on 12/21/2016

 Julie N. on 12/21/2016

 Sina C. on 12/21/2016

This was my first time with sugaring and the staff made me feel very comfortable. I live 35 minutes away and i will not be going to any other sugaring place! 10/10 will recommend to all my friends

 Megan S. on 12/20/2016

 Camilla T. on 12/18/2016

 Bri C. on 12/18/2016

Let me just start by saying.. WOW. What an amazing company. The owners are just the sweetest and the employees are AMAZING. I have never had better service and my brows looked so good!! I would recommend them to anyone.

 Meredith H. on 12/16/2016

 Krystle N. on 12/16/2016

 Claudia D. on 12/15/2016

 Theresa M. on 12/15/2016

Amber is amazing!

 Nichole G. on 12/15/2016

I love Tara. She makes me feel so comfortable and checks in to make sure I'm doing OK since the Brazilian is never fun lol I get great recommendations for products and love that everything is organic. I recommend all ladies gents to get their removal of hair needs done here!

 Adrienne G. on 12/12/2016

 Michelle H. on 12/11/2016

This was my first visit to Sugar Sugar and I can't say enough good things about the staff and my experience overall. The decor was so cute girly but classy you instantly feel relaxed the minute you walk through the door. I was greeted by a very friendly front desk that answered any and all questions I have. Within a matter of minutes I was getting my first treatment. I had my brows sugared and tinted. I am naturally light blonde and have to draw in my eyebrows everyday . The technician I had was fantastic. We chatted the whole time and I felt more like I was hanging out with a girlfriend and we chatted the whole time. I felt so comfortable ! She asked me questions to help me settle on a tint color. I could not be happier with the color she chose it's not…

Read More

 Ashley W. on 12/11/2016

 Brandy L. on 12/11/2016

 Cashe J. on 12/10/2016

 Cynthia Z. on 12/10/2016

 Mary B. on 12/9/2016

 Maciej C. on 12/9/2016

 Logan Y. on 12/9/2016

 Kristy A. on 12/8/2016

 Lainee F. on 12/8/2016

 Suzie G. on 12/7/2016

 Georgia S. on 12/7/2016

 Jacqueline R. on 12/5/2016

 Melissa B. on 12/4/2016

I've never been waxed or sugared before - so needless to say I was nervous beyond belief getting a Brazilian. Taylor was AMAZING and made me feel so comfortable in the midst of pain. I live in Chandler and this is the only place I will trust to go!

 Bob R. on 12/3/2016

 Kelly D. on 12/3/2016

 Candace O. on 12/3/2016

 David H. on 12/3/2016

 Katherine D. on 12/1/2016

 Sarah F. on 11/30/2016

 Angela O. on 11/29/2016

 David C. on 11/27/2016

 Jennifer C. on 11/27/2016

 Cristin C. on 11/26/2016

I have been going to Sugar Sugar consistently for months and I am always amazed at the high level of care and knowledge given. Not only are services provided exemplary, the staff are personable and make the experience comfortable. There's a high set of standards set in place from cleanliness to customer satisfaction.

 Sandy R. on 11/23/2016

 Ana V. on 11/22/2016

 Meg P. on 11/22/2016

 Nicole H. on 11/22/2016

 Riley B. on 11/21/2016

 Kristen L. on 11/20/2016

 Nicole C. on 11/18/2016

 Chris K. on 11/17/2016

Tara is awesome!

 Ashley T. on 11/16/2016

 Jenny J. on 11/15/2016

 Justin B. on 11/15/2016

 Patricia K. on 11/12/2016

 Cassie P. on 11/12/2016

 Lauren H. on 11/12/2016

Amber was great. Very sweet, social and informative. Super passionate about her work and 100% dedicated to giving a memorable experience.

 Dana H. on 11/11/2016

 Alex D. on 11/11/2016

You guys really look out for your clients and go the extra mile to make sure we are taken care of! I was going out of town and there weren't anymore morning appointments available and Lindsey stepped up and offered to come in even earlier just to get me in! And she was fantastic! @

 Kerri F. on 11/10/2016

 Natasha B. on 11/10/2016

 Sheena D. on 11/6/2016

 Aleia L. on 11/6/2016

 Alexa S. on 11/6/2016

 Cassandra L. on 11/6/2016

 Nanette J. on 11/5/2016

 Andria R. on 11/5/2016

The staff at sugar sugar were very accommodating, treated me like royalty and were attentive . They listened to what i want to achieve with my facial and the facial itself was wonderful. Thank you!

 Michelle N. on 11/2/2016

 Arin R. on 11/1/2016

 Paula D. on 11/1/2016

 Lisa B. on 11/1/2016

 Danielle L. on 10/30/2016

 Todd L. on 10/30/2016

 Nicole G. on 10/29/2016

After going to Sugar Sugar I wouldn't go anywhere else. The staff is always so nice, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I always feel welcomed.

 Princess C. on 10/29/2016

 Marguerite M. on 10/29/2016

 Alison E. on 10/28/2016

 Carol W. on 10/28/2016

 Amanda B. on 10/27/2016

 Joey C. on 10/26/2016

 Jill B. on 10/26/2016

 Clarissa H. on 10/26/2016

Taylor did a great job. She was very professional. I will be back

 Elizabeth B. on 10/24/2016

 Mallory K. on 10/23/2016

 Michele H. on 10/23/2016

 Dianne F. on 10/20/2016


 Balie B. on 10/20/2016

Always love coming to see Tarah! She always has a great attitude and does an amazing job on my brows. I love coming here!

 Paul M. on 10/20/2016

 Niki W. on 10/19/2016

 Nancy S. on 10/18/2016

 Sarah B. on 10/18/2016

 Emily Q. on 10/17/2016

 Jennifer V. on 10/17/2016

LT was amazing! Was super easy to get an appointment! Less pain less than eyebrow waxing. Would totally recommend to my friends!

 Hilda S. on 10/16/2016

Even though the appointment was a little bit frazzled at the start, once I met LT, things went well. The facility is clean and comfortable. I got a beautiful Brown, Lip and Chin and I will be back!

 Mary M. on 10/15/2016

 Brittany L. on 10/15/2016

 Kelly R. on 10/15/2016

 Sarah S. on 10/14/2016

I had an exceptional experience visiting Sugar Sugar. I was greater and treated properly upon arrival. I had a flight later that night and the team was able to tailor my services to what I was looking for in the time I had. I had a microdermabrasion and brightening facial with Taylor, who really took the time to analyze my concerns and then observe my skin and make recommendations that were best for me. I left with my skin completely glowing. My experience was relaxing and rewarding. I left with 2 new products that I love, and I am very excited to visit again and try more services !!! Thanks Sugar Sugar !!!

 Dionica G. on 10/14/2016

 Sydney H. on 10/14/2016

 kamilya L. on 10/14/2016

 Lennon G. on 10/13/2016

 Sara D. on 10/13/2016

 Jackie S. on 10/12/2016

 Amber R. on 10/11/2016

My organic airbrush tan looked amazing and natural! I got so many compliments and will definitely be coming back for more airbrush tanning.

 Dennis G. on 10/11/2016

 Amal H. on 10/8/2016

 Jessica S. on 10/7/2016

 Kristine G. on 10/5/2016

Great service! Very professional and friendly...I will be going back for sure!!

 Lauren S. on 10/4/2016

 Vanessa E. on 10/3/2016

 Ashley R. on 10/2/2016

 Christie K. on 10/1/2016

I was skeptical because it was organic but it went on evenly and looks very natural. You can see the results before you step out of the booth so you can get touch ups where needed right then and there. Great experience

 Jessica F. on 10/1/2016

 Jacky N. on 10/1/2016

 Victoria R. on 9/30/2016

Love my spray tan!

 Amanda A. on 9/29/2016

Tarah is AMAZZING <3

 Breanna H. on 9/28/2016

This was my first time sugaring, I have waxed before but wanted to try the more natural approach to hair removal. Amber did a fantastic job on my Brazilian and I was so happy that I booked my next appointment right away. The receptionist was very polite and offered complementary water and organic chocolate, which was delicious! I will definitely be recommending friends to try Sugar Sugar.

 Tricia B. on 9/28/2016

Will do

 Ashley P. on 9/27/2016

 Cassidy S. on 9/26/2016

 Madeliene B. on 9/23/2016

 Kathleen B. on 9/20/2016

 Melissa D. on 9/19/2016

 Sandra U. on 9/19/2016

 Jaclyn F. on 9/19/2016

 Taylor P. on 9/19/2016

 Natasha W. on 9/17/2016

Sugar Sugar has a very friendly and inviting staff. Right when you walk in you feel right at home. Everyone working there has a smile on their face. I got mylashes extended for the first time and the lady knew exactly what she was doing and informed me of the process before she began. I would recommend this placefor all things they offer. I can't wait to come back in two weeks

 Rick F. on 9/17/2016

 Sherry R. on 9/16/2016

 Jamie B. on 9/16/2016

 Claudia D. on 9/15/2016

 Devon L. on 9/15/2016

 Annisa J. on 9/14/2016

 Tara B. on 9/13/2016

Tarah did a fantastic job--both in getting me on the schedule with short notice, and in my sugaring service! Looking forward to my next visit! Very pleased with my experience at Sugar Sugar.

 Vanessa P. on 9/13/2016

 Marie B. on 9/12/2016

I love getting services at Sugar Sugar. As a woman of a certain age, I get hair where it's not attractive 😊 The girls are professional, adept and fun.

 Samantha G. on 9/12/2016

 Patty B. on 9/12/2016

 Jan D. on 9/12/2016

 Jenny B. on 9/12/2016

The Sugar Sugar ladies are all so sweet (pun intended!) and I always have a great experience there!

 Haley M. on 9/10/2016

 Natasha K. on 9/10/2016

 Logan Y. on 9/9/2016

 Kayla G. on 9/8/2016

I loved sugar sugar!It was so much more soothing than wax and customer service was amazing and the result came out even better than I expected!10/10 recommend

 Joanne R. on 9/7/2016

Wonderful visit and was offered their reward plan for discounts on future visits.

 Bianca M. on 9/7/2016

Sugar Sugar provides an amazing and extremely comfortable atmosphere the second you walk in the door. Everyone there has a smile on their face and is sowelcoming. Whenever you receive a service from any sugar sugar professional you know you're getting the best and they are so personable, which makes it thatmuch easier to enjoy your time at Sugar Sugar! Highly recommended!!!

 Sandra B. on 9/5/2016

What a fantastic experience I had at Sugar Sugar! LT was so professional and did a phenomenal job on my Brazilian. Fabulous customer service from front desk to check out. Looking forward to my next service.

 Andrea M. on 9/5/2016

 Dina W. on 9/5/2016

 Lainee F. on 9/4/2016

I absolutely love Sugar Sugar! The girls are all so friendly and helpful! When I received my first sugar wax, they answered all of my questions with ease and directed me to the products that best suited my skin!

 Aubry T. on 9/4/2016

 Charity M. on 9/3/2016

 Holly H. on 9/3/2016

 April R. on 9/2/2016

 Noel D. on 9/1/2016

 Megan S. on 9/1/2016

 Becky S. on 8/31/2016

 Jenny H. on 8/31/2016

 Jacqueline R. on 8/31/2016

 Shelly V. on 8/29/2016

I just recently did, but didnt recieve free body polish :(

 Candace O. on 8/29/2016

 Kylie G. on 8/29/2016

 Angelica W. on 8/28/2016

Top of the line service that always makes me feel welcome

 Yvette W. on 8/28/2016

 Ali M. on 8/28/2016

 Nichole G. on 8/27/2016

 April C. on 8/27/2016

 Kathy K. on 8/26/2016

I had a great experience at Sugar Sugar and would highly recommend it!

 Jessica G. on 8/26/2016

Super friendly, clean and professional! Can't wait to go back. TERRAH is awesome!

 Bryant B. on 8/25/2016

 Amber R. on 8/24/2016

 Caroline P. on 8/24/2016

 Tommy T. on 8/22/2016

 Monica B. on 8/21/2016

 Chloe B. on 8/21/2016

I enjoyed my organic spray tan so much! It has a natural glow, & makes your skin perfectly tanned. The staff at sugar sugar is AMAZING! I can't wait to go back!

 Lena P. on 8/21/2016

 Janel U. on 8/20/2016

 Kristy T. on 8/18/2016

 Ramona B. on 8/18/2016

 Madeline A. on 8/17/2016

Love this place. So cute and very friendly staff. And they make sure every hair is gone

 DeAna M. on 8/16/2016

 Issa H. on 8/15/2016

 Stephanie R. on 8/14/2016

Kelley sugared me and she is truly so good at what she does! She's very welcoming and makes me feel comfortable while getting sugared! I'll be back to see her!

 Mary T. on 8/13/2016

Was a great experience! Very professional and friendly service. Will come again.

 Holly H. on 8/12/2016

 Melissa S. on 8/12/2016

 Suzie G. on 8/10/2016

 Heather S. on 8/9/2016

 Sheila V. on 8/9/2016

 Amelia B. on 8/8/2016

 Elise M. on 8/8/2016

 Lisa C. on 8/8/2016

 Natalie W. on 8/6/2016

I have very sensitive skin and waxing or shaving always affects my skin. Shaving would give me razor burns, and waxing left me with acne breakouts. So, when a friend noticed my irritated skin after getting waxed, she recommended I try sugaring. I was a little skeptical at first. Wondering how the sugaring process worked and if it would really be better for my skin. I have to say, I will NEVER go back to waxing. Sugaring was less painful. The redness, that would normally last for days with waxing, only lasted for about 30 minutes with sugaring. More than 24 hours later, I have had no acne breakouts. The staff at Sugar Sugar was very professional and even my 12 year old, who got her eyebrows sugared for the first time, was happy with…

Read More

 Nichole C. on 8/6/2016

 Erin R. on 8/4/2016

Very easy to do and did not break out in bumps like I do with wax.

 Katherine D. on 8/4/2016

 Erin R. on 8/3/2016

 Cher L. on 8/2/2016

 Cherie M. on 8/1/2016

 Hilary M. on 7/31/2016

 Ashley T. on 7/30/2016

 Laurel E. on 7/29/2016

 Destiny V. on 7/28/2016

 Lauren N. on 7/28/2016

 Erin O. on 7/27/2016

Sure! I've been coming to sugar sugar since Decmeber 2016. After moving from another state I was needed to find a sugar studio in Arizona. Tarah has always made my visits enjoyable! The staff is great with appointments and helping me as a customer. I also love the chocolate treats and water offered! It's hard finding good people and a work place that is so pleasant like Sugar Sugar, I am so happy that I found it.

 Jenny J. on 7/25/2016

 Sheena D. on 7/25/2016

The staff was friendly, my appointment started on time. The aesthetician that provided my service was professional, efficient and made me feel comfortable. I have no complaints!@

 Beth G. on 7/24/2016

 Patricia K. on 7/23/2016

 Asheley B. on 7/23/2016

 Kelly G. on 7/22/2016

 Kristin P. on 7/22/2016

 Marieelena R. on 7/21/2016

Sugar sugar continues to deliver top notch customer service. From handling late night reservations for scheduling to being treated like royalty upon entering the people who work there pride themselves on customer service. Pampering and comfort is their priority, I would highly recommend this to anyone in this busy age of life!

 Alex D. on 7/21/2016

 Valerie R. on 7/21/2016

 Kristen B. on 7/20/2016

 Paul M. on 7/20/2016

 Amanda R. on 7/20/2016

 Megan M. on 7/20/2016

 Tessa B. on 7/20/2016

 Elizabeth K. on 7/19/2016

 Cara S. on 7/19/2016

 Lisa B. on 7/19/2016

 Rachel D. on 7/18/2016

 Jena D. on 7/18/2016

 Cassi M. on 7/17/2016

 Mia T. on 7/17/2016

Love getting a spray tan at sugarsugar! The color is amazing !totally unique unlike anyone elses! As long as they spray enough on you it comes out amazing!

 Teri M. on 7/17/2016

 Aleah S. on 7/17/2016

 Kristin S. on 7/16/2016

Tara is awesome. She easily calmed my hesitation about sugaring. All around great experience!

 Nanette J. on 7/15/2016

 Maciej C. on 7/15/2016

 Rick T. on 7/15/2016

 Natalie G. on 7/15/2016

 Rebecca W. on 7/15/2016


 Jenna F. on 7/15/2016

 Nicole H. on 7/14/2016

 Heidi C. on 7/14/2016

 Kendall K. on 7/14/2016

Tarah gives the best facial and the staff was super nice! All over good experience! Two thumbs up!

 Stasha B. on 7/13/2016

 Sandy A. on 7/12/2016

 Sara D. on 7/11/2016

 Danielle F. on 7/10/2016

 Amanda Z. on 7/10/2016

 Susan R. on 7/10/2016

At first, I was nervous about getting a Brazilian but with the help of the estheticians at Sugar Sugar my experience was both relaxing and painless. I give Sugar Sugar a 10++ and you can quote me on that!

 Julie N. on 7/10/2016

 Lisa D. on 7/10/2016

 Todd L. on 7/9/2016

 Kimberly M. on 7/9/2016

 Megan S. on 7/9/2016

Great environment and loved every minute of it

 Erin F. on 7/9/2016

 Jamie W. on 7/9/2016

 Kacie A. on 7/9/2016

 Madie V. on 7/9/2016

It's amazing, I love all the staff and the environment makes me comfortable.

 Stephanie A. on 7/9/2016

 Lamia A. on 7/8/2016

 Cristina C. on 7/8/2016

 Eveling O. on 7/7/2016

 Leah A. on 7/7/2016

 Samantha R. on 7/7/2016

 Jane L. on 7/7/2016

 Leanne S. on 7/6/2016

 Taylor P. on 7/6/2016

 Joey C. on 7/6/2016

 Kelly R. on 7/4/2016

 Jacey C. on 7/3/2016

 Lisa G. on 7/3/2016

 Anna Marie S. on 7/3/2016

 Kayla W. on 7/3/2016

 Kathy B. on 7/2/2016

 Marilyn O. on 7/2/2016

 Alexander J. on 7/2/2016

Sugar sugar is an amazing, all organic, and super friendly salon to visit. After my brow treatment I was left with little redness and absolutely no irritation as well as smooth and soft skin. I wouldn't go anywhere else to get the services they offer.

 Suzanne M. on 7/2/2016

 Cheryl C. on 7/1/2016

Just loved it!! I'll be back. Can't wait to try some other services!

 Jessica F. on 7/1/2016

 Julia W. on 7/1/2016

 Owen P. on 7/1/2016

As a man, it can be hard to set my pride aside and take care of my skin and appearance. Sugar Sugar has an incredible way of making me feel natural and comfortable. Thanks to them, I feel fresh and flawless! Their team was so kind, informative and helpful. I can say with confidence, I'll definitely be returning for some more SUGAR!!

 Jessica S. on 7/1/2016

 Rose S. on 6/13/2016

 Irene M. on 6/3/2016

 Maria S. on 6/2/2016

 Paula D. on 6/2/2016

 Grace G. on 6/2/2016

 Madison M. on 6/2/2016

 Maria H. on 6/2/2016

 Jenny B. on 6/2/2016

The entire staff is so friendly and knowledgeable. The girls are so sweet to me and my daughter. I love sugar sugar!

 Madeliene B. on 6/1/2016

 April R. on 6/1/2016

 Nicole G. on 5/31/2016

Every visit is great and the staff is so friendly.

 Samantha G. on 5/30/2016

 Joanna C. on 5/30/2016

What a wonderful first time experience! The girls there are so nice! I loved my sugar signature facial and microdermabrasion. If you're a girl and wear makeup daily, think about the build up on your face that not all cleansers can get. My microdermabrasion left my face feeling brand new and my makeup now applies so perfect onto my face. I would recommend Sugar Sugar to anyone with a face!

 Sherry B. on 5/30/2016

 Sarah B. on 5/29/2016

 Dina W. on 5/29/2016

 Rachel J. on 5/29/2016

Highly recommend! Everyone makes you feel super comfortable during your visit! Attention to detail is spot on too!

 Barbara D. on 5/29/2016

 Molly O. on 5/29/2016

 Danielle L. on 5/29/2016

 Amanda C. on 5/28/2016

 Sarah N. on 5/28/2016

 Natalie M. on 5/28/2016

 Brittany N. on 5/28/2016

 Joanne R. on 5/27/2016

 Stefani N. on 5/27/2016

 Angelica W. on 5/27/2016

 Alexandra D. on 5/27/2016

 Brittany B. on 5/26/2016

 Shelly V. on 5/26/2016

Everyone there has been great! The customer experience is top notch and services are superb. I would not go back to waxing ...sugaring is the way to go!

 Pam C. on 5/26/2016

 Logan Y. on 5/26/2016

 Paige P. on 5/26/2016

 Jaymi A. on 5/25/2016

 Nichole G. on 5/24/2016

I love Courtney. There were a couple of people that have quit that I have had before, such as Crystal and Lacy. Courtney has made me feel very comfortable and always makes my time a good experience. Very flexible on time, rescheduling is easy. The location is awesome. I would definitely recommend sugar sugar!

 Rachel M. on 5/24/2016

Very professional and clean establishment. I was immediately greeted and taken back for my appointment, done by Courtney, who was great at her job and great at putting me at ease and helping me relax while she sugared my underarms, and gave me a Brazilian. I already have my next appointment set up with Courtney! @

 Sara M. on 5/23/2016

 Melissa D. on 5/23/2016


 Madison M. on 5/23/2016

 Lauren K. on 5/23/2016

 Ainsley R. on 5/23/2016

 Aubry T. on 5/22/2016

 Bryant B. on 5/21/2016

 Lora L. on 5/21/2016

This was my first time and I am a subscriber now! Signed up my son and husband for the Sugar tan before our vacation and I'm so excited about spending the weekend with my new Brazilian! Great service, extremely clean and best prices I found in Scottsdale.

 Lena P. on 5/21/2016

 Jen L. on 5/21/2016

Yes I will

 Veronica P. on 5/21/2016

 Sherry D. on 5/21/2016


 Melissa H. on 5/20/2016

 Julie P. on 5/20/2016

 Nicole C. on 5/20/2016

 Jared S. on 5/20/2016

 Kristen A. on 5/19/2016

 Chris B. on 5/19/2016

 Megan S. on 5/19/2016

 Kylee H. on 5/19/2016

 Tami M. on 5/19/2016

 Angel L. on 5/19/2016


 Kari M. on 5/19/2016

 Cristin C. on 5/19/2016

 Jennifer P. on 5/18/2016

 Vanessa M. on 5/18/2016

 Kristy A. on 5/18/2016

 Noel D. on 5/18/2016

The staff is extremely welcoming and and make you feel comfortable, it's never awkward, even when getting a Brazilian. They are friendly and easy to talk to. They even stayed open late for me one time which is very appreciated.

 Twila C. on 5/18/2016

We always enjoy coming in to sugar sugar.. So friendly, clean and we love our services.. LOVE the sugaring!

 Danielle F. on 5/18/2016

 Torri L. on 5/18/2016

 Andrea B. on 5/18/2016

 Caroline P. on 5/18/2016

 Baileigh H. on 5/18/2016

My eyelashes have never looked better! Thank you for doing such a beautiful job❤️

 Elle S. on 5/18/2016