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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I find my paystubs and pay information

Gusto is your one stop source for all things paystub.  Start there.  You will be able to see your paystub and adjust any tax or banking infor youd like to adjust.

How do I read my pay stub?

There is a document in the trainging section to download.  It is called, "How do I ready my paycheck"

The tanning gun isn't working correctly

There are three reasons the gun may not be working.   The first thing is to identify what the gun is (or is not) doing.

1) THE GUN SHOOTING TOO WIDLY OR TOO NARROWLY.  The nozzle on the front needs to be pointed up and down; 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock.  This should correct HOW the gun shoots.

2)THE GUN IS SHOOTING WITH TOO MUCH OR NOT ENOUGH POWEROF SOLUTION.  You need to adjust the airflow through the gun.  On the back of the gun, under where the gun is connected to the hose; you will notice a nozzle to screw/unscrew.  This controls how much air the gun takes in from the pump.  More air means more power and more tanning solution.  Screw it clockwise to lessen the airflow; counter-clockwise to give the gun more airflow.

3)  THE GUN ISN'T SHOOTING STRAIGHT.  It is clogged.  Your management should have a second gun close at hand.  Change the guns.  Unscrew the nozzle on the front of the gun.  Then rince the clogged gun by submerging it in water for 30 munites.  Flip the gun and keep it submerged for anther 30.

What to do for bruising?

Bruising is extremely rare with sugaring. There are rare times where blood will rish to the extracted areas to compensate for the dramatic loss of hair through sugaring.  Most frequently this occurs in areas with a large number of capillaries; such as in the underarm area or even less frequently between the legs.

1. Ice Therapy

Application of ice pack is the best first aid for bruises. Ice packs actually cool down the damaged blood vessels and control the blood leakage. Keep the ice cube on the bruise for 10 minutes for an immediate relief. Do not exceed the time to apply cold pack for more than 20 minutes. Alternatively, if an ice pack is not available, then soak a cotton cloth in ice cold water and place it on the affected area.

Moreover, frozen vegetables can also help you get rid of bruises overnight. Wrap them in a soft cotton towel and place it on the bruise. Another option is to take two stainless steel spoons and put them in the freezer for 15 minutes. Later, place them on your bruise. This helps reduce the blood clot.

2. Elastic Bandage

You can use an elastic bandage to stop bruise from spreading. Whenever you find a bruise on your body, immediately wrap a plastic bandage to control the blood leakage in the tissues. This not only prevents bruise from spreading, but also makes the healing process speedy. You can also use a cloth to tie around the affected area.

3. Hot Water Bottle

Take a bottle and fill hot water in it. Keep it on the injured area. Hot water will certainly reduce the blood clot and slow down the blood flow to the affected tissues. Moist heat works better on bruised tissues in comparison to dry heat therapy, as it goes deeper and spreads quickly. Apart from hot water, you can also use hot bath, hot water soaked towel or a warm Jacuzzi.

4. Vinegar

Vinegar has the efficiency to drive away the blood that has pooled in the affected area. Once bruises appear, mix vinegar with warm water and apply it on the affected area to treat blood clot instantly.

5. Pineapple

Pinapple has an enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme when consumed can reach the damaged blood vessels to digest the protein that causes bruise and skin inflammation. Taking at least 500 milligrams of bromelain each day can fade away bruise faster.

6. Vitamin K

Vitamin K is an effective remedy to treat blood clotting and tissue damage in the body. To treat bruises quickly, eat vitamin K rich vegetables. Add Brussels sprouts, broccoli and leafy green vegetables to your meal. Alternatively, buy vitamin K cream from the nearby drug store and apply it on the bruises to treat them faster.

7. Chocolate

Chocolates contain cocoa bioactive compounds that have anti inflammatory properties and hence prove very beneficial for skin health. Melt some chocolate and keep that warm melted chocolate on the bruised area. Now cover it with a bandage to let the chocolate dry over the affected area. This hot chocolate pack compresses the damaged blood vessels to control the blood flow. This also reduces bruises instantly. Note – When trying hot chocolate pack, do not apply too hot chocolate on the affected area as it may hurt you more.

8. Sugar Syrup

Sugar has anti bacterial properties and it promotes wound healing. Apply hot sugar syrup on the bruise and tie it with a bandage. If hot syrup sounds scary to you, then first apply thick sugar syrup on the bruise and afterwards place ice pack on the affected area. Now, let the sugar dry to tighten the skin so that bruises stop spreading all over.

9. Papaya

This fruit contains an enzyme called Papain which is used to treat many skin problems. Therefore, eat papaya to get rid of bruises faster.

10. Vitamin C

Vitamin C rich foods such as mangoes, broccoli peppers, sweet potatoes, and oranges also help reduce skin inflammation and bruises sooner.

11. Grape Seed

Crush a few grape seeds to extract the juice from it. Apply this flavonoid-rich grape seed juice to heal the bruise. Alternatively, drink this juice twice a day for effective results.

12. Turmeric and Tamarind Paste

Turmeric is traditionally used to get rid of bruises because of its therapeutic and medicinal properties. Make thick paste of tamarind and add two pinch of turmeric to it. Now heat this pack and gently apply the hot pack on the bruise. Cover the bruise with a soft cotton cloth to let it disappear faster.

13. Onion

Onion has inflammatory properties and it can work well on the damaged skin cells. When bruises are caused due to blood vessels injury, you can extract onion juice and apply it on your bruise. Let the skin absorb juice so that it works deep within the blocked blood vessels to treat the blood clot.

14. Lemon

Lemon contains vitamin C which is very useful in treating skin problems. This could be a little painful treatment for bruises, but it is the most effective one. Apply lemon juice on your bruise and gently rub for about 5 minutes. It will soon heal the bruises.

15. Black Coffee

When you get a wound, grind some black coffee and keep it on the wound. Now tie a bandage around it. This remedy will heal the bruises within a few days.

16. Sugar

When bacteria enter your cut or wound, it grows faster. Application of sugar syrup or honey can prevent the growth of bacteria along with treating the bruise. Honey has anti bacterial and wound healing properties which make it an important remedy for healing bruises.

17. Pepper, Vaseline, and Cayenne

Cayenne has tremendous pain relieving properties. Apply it directly on skin to get rid of bruises. Mix cayenne and pepper with Vaseline, and then apply it on your bruise to heal it quickly.

18. Butter

Butter has anti inflammatory properties. It has been proved through several studies that butter has medicinal properties which can cure skin problems. For treating minor bruises and burns, you can use butter. Apply fresh butter on the bruise and gently massage your skin.

19. Castor Oil

Rubbing castor oil on the bruise not only reduces it, but also prevents the skin from peeling off once the bruise is gone.

20. Raw Potato

To keep bruising under control, you can apply shredded raw potato on the bruise.

21. Ginger

Ginger contains anti oxidants which are very beneficial for skin health. Slice some ginger and soak them in hot water for some time. Then, strain the water and drink it. Alternatively, rub the crushed ginger directly on the bruises. HERBAL REMEDIES FOR BRUISES

22. Comfrey Leaves

Comfrey leaves (either dried or fresh) make a perfect herbal solution to treat bruises. Take dried or fresh comfrey leaves and add them to the boiling water. Let it boil for 15 minutes and strain the water to treat bruises overnight.

23. Arnica

This is an herb that helps treat severe bruises. Arnica can be blended with water and can be applied on the affected area. This herb contains a special compound which reduces inflammation and skin irritation in the affected area.

24. Parsley

Fresh parsley from your kitchen can also aid in healing bruises fast because it contains vitamin K. Once you tie your bruise with an elastic bandage, keep some crushed fresh parsley leaves on the affected area. This not only checks bruises, but also controls blood clot, inflammation, and reduces the pain caused due to bruising.

25. St. John’s Wort

St. John’s wort has natural inflammatory properties (acylphloroglucinol hyperforin) and it quickly heals the wound that otherwise causes bruise on your body. It also helps relieve pain. Apply St. John’s wort oil on your bruise, or you can boil dried St. John’s wort in water. Strain the water and drink till the bruises are completely gone.

26. Herbal Tea Compress

Get herbal tea compress to soothe your bruise. Add chamomile and dried lavender flowers in hot water and let it steep for about 15 minutes. Now strain the extract and allow it to cool. Now dip a cloth in the mixture and keep it on your bruise to get quick relief from it.

27. Olive Oil and Mullein Flowers

Olive oil can be directly applied to the skin to get rid of wounds and bruises. Mullein has been traditionally used to cure bruises. Soak some mullein flowers in olive oil and apply it on the bruise to see it disappear faster.

28. Margarine

Rub a little margarine on your wound to prevent it from bruising.

29. Alfalfa

Alfalfa works best for blood clotting since it is rich in vitamin K. Apply alfalfa on your bruise to prevent it from getting severe.

30. Arnica, Chamomile and Yarrow Arnica is popularly used to get rid of bruises. Chamomile possess anti inflammatory properties that helps to get rid of wounds. Yarrow is an herb which is also used to cure wounds. Take arnica, chamomile and yarrow, and mix them together to form an herbal infusion. Apply it regularly on the bruise to make it fade away faster.

31. Bilberry

Bilberry contains strong antioxidants known as anthocyanosides hat reinforce the blood vessels and balance the collagen, thereby, reduce the bruises. You can consume bilberry extract or can take it in the form of pills.

32. Witch Hazel

The active ingredients found in witch hazel have astringent properties which prove useful to cure bruises. Apply a cotton ball soaked in witch hazel on the bruise to speed up the healing process and soothe the inflammation.

What to do for histamine reactions

Advanced Histamine Reactions are generally rare in sugaring. Maybe 2-5% of people who sugar end up with reactions. They are particularly prevalent in the first or second treatment and usually confined to the cheeks, brows, and underarms. If you are one of the “lucky ones”; here's a little better idea of what it is and how to treat it.


Any time hair is removed from the root, your body views this as an assault. In response, your body’s immune system kicks in and you start producing histamine. Histamine is produced within the cells at the site of the trauma. The effect of histamine is to cause the blood vessels to dilate and the skin to turn red. We call this inflammation.


The job of histamine is to make the walls of the blood vessels thinner and wider so that white blood cells can more easily enter the blood stream and fight off the cause of the perceived assault. The redness that histamine produces is a direct result of this action.


We say “perceived assault” because a variety of irritants can cause this sense of assault that triggers your immune system. Pollen certainly does it for some people, and dogs or cats do it to some people, but most people will have some level of histamine response to the process of hair removal.


As wax adheres to and extracts live skin; sugar adheres only to the dead skin cells. So you will not see as much redness or irritation with sugaring. But sugar permeates the skin to grab the hair at the root. It is not uncommon, therefore, to expect a very certain amount of redness immediately following sugaring from the histamines you produce.


What to Do

Drink Lots of Water - In our bodies, we have a natural compound that stops the action of histamines. It is called cortisol. It is produced by the adrenal glands, which are activated by stress. If your body perceives that pulling out the hair is stressful, it will first produce histamines within the cells of the affected area, and then produce cortisol in the adrenal glands to counteract it. Obviously, the cortisol production will lag behind the histamine production since the body wants to give the histamines a chance to do their job before they are sent home, so to speak. Drinking water will therefore accelerate your body's work and push it to work the way it wants to.

Cold Pack/Cool Wash Cloth - The coolness will provide immeadiate relief for you. It will also provide a reduction in the Not only will something cool soothe this area; it will also help the body's histamines to understand “there's nothing to see here...go on home”; in this instance.

Ibuprofen - If you’ve never given much thought to histamines, you are probably more familiar with ANTI-histamines. These are the medicines we use to treat allergies, itches, rashes, nasal congestion, and hives. Histamines are the compounds that cause the symptoms and anti-histamines are the compounds that stop them.

Finally - You should notice a change fairly quickly.  If these pointers do not seem to help, contact Sugar Sugar for more information. In most cases, symptoms tend to go away in a short period of time. If symptoms persist longer than three days, see your dermatologist.